> 2013-Tartan Festival

Coca Cola booth workers
Red River Pipes and Drums
Alfred Barrow
James Parker Red River Pipes
Red River Pipes relaxing
Robert Davis
Joyce, Delilah and Teresa
Dawn and Irwin Burgess
Burgess daughter
Chris, Julie and Emma Moree
The Lamont Clan
Clan Gordon folks
Marcia McLaurin House of Gordon
Carolyn Gore and Carol Meyer
Jed and Kendall
Jed Marum
Father and son Cleghorn
Dan and Linda Shidiskis
Milton Cameron and Donnie Day grilling
Mike and Renee Petree
Debi Etheridge dancing
Jackson Irish dancer
JID group
Under the Irish tent Marcia McLaurin
David Gresset Gaelic Language
Little Miss Lulu
Martie Lane and friend
Martie Lane and her friend
Bonniest Knees Buddy Blair
John Cameron bonniest knees
Robert Clemons Bonniest Knees wow
Bonniest knees the final four
Dudley-Brian Smith plays
Jan Smith plays
Bob Smith playing
Jane and Delilah
Longships rowers
Longships rowers two
Dan relaxng
Don, Brian and friend
Traveling Murphys four
Erik Middleton and crew
Kendra and SCA crew two
Traveling Murphys view stage right
Linda, Dan and Sandra
Dylan on didge
Dylan on didge
Michael Griffin
Paul Mueller on drums
Dylan on pipes