> 2012 Tartan Festival

Society Tent with Mrs Dorothy Peters

Russ and Joyce

Carol, Delilah and Russ

David Gressett Gaelic Seminar

Clan McLeod tent

Diana at Clan Douglas tent

House of Gordon tent

Shelia with Mike and Phillip Cochran

Tom , Doyle and Mike Swallow

Mike Arcenaux on sound board


Jan Smith

Buddy and friend

Ebru and Nate Waters

Red River Pipes watching Bellydancers

Port Belly Dancers one

Port Belly dancers two

Port Belly Dancers three

Mark Cannon, athlete

Kevin Holland and Mark Cannon

Emmaree's friends

Erik, Hunter and Randy Hieland Lads

At the burger tent

Linda Shidiskis

Mike and Linda

John at Will's tent

Jonathan and SCA friend

Petree grand baby

Smithfield Fair one

Smithfield Fair two

Dudley-Brian Smith

Jan and Bob

The Highland Games area

The Highland Games area two

JID three

JID two

JID one

John and Will

Melissa Erland

Viking horse close up

Confederate Re enactors

Confederate Re enactors two

Cannon firer two

Civil War Cannon firer


SCA accoutrements

Bonniest Knees competition

Kevin and Bonny Knees

Kevin and Bonny Knees

Tom's Bionic Knees