> 2011 Tartan Festival

Mike, Steph, Cam and Harrison
Kim and Terrance
Kim and Angus
Two Frog A Couirtin'
Delilah playing fiddle
Harrison and Ryan
Leslie Peters and patron
Frank Walsh, Forest, and Watkins
Mike Arcenaux and friend
Dorothy Peters
Nenie lazing
Rebekah Sheffield
Doug Beaton with Clan McLeod and Lee Estabrook
Pipe Band
Red River Blacksmiths one
Blacksmiths with Marty
Red River Blacksmith
Jonathan of Boaring Stag
April Parks of Boaring Stag
Justin Murphy
Jed relaxing
Doug and Jene Jefferson
Brooke and friend
Nenie at children's area
Natalie and little sister
SCA sword fight
Ryan and Harrison
Patrick Cameron
Jed Singing
Leo, Jackie and Nenie
Port Belly Project one
Eric with flowr
Port Belly Project two
Doyle and Don
Doyle, Shelia and Don
Walsh and Watkins
Brian and Bill
Brian and Buddy
Brian and Buddy
Brian and Doug
Brian introduces bonniest knees contestants
Buddy Blair Bonniest Knees contestant
Milton, bonniest knees contestant
Doug in bonniest knees
Bill in the Bonniest Knees
Bonniest Knees line-up
Bonniest Knees finalist
Milton, bonniest knees winner